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Products & Services for Small Business Owners

Are your internal controls preventing fraud, embezzlement, ethics violations and other such activities that impact small businesses? Do you have the proper Internal Control Cost Benefit Training?

  • Are those building and assessing your systems of internal control certified in the practice of internal control?
  • Would you like a complimentary management briefing on internal controls?
  • Is your management team aware of the essential internal control processes and practices necessary for running a business?

Our Small Business Owners Products and Services:

  • ICI Certification Programs
  • Internal Control Management Briefing
  • Executive Course on Internal Control
  • Internal Control Course Training
  • Self Mini Internal Control Assessments (complimentary)
  • Internal Control Vocabulary and Terms Catalog
  • Protecting Your Company Against Civil & Criminal Liability - a Practical Handbook for CEOs, CFOs, Controllers and Board members

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