Master The Levels Of Internal Control

The Build an Environment For Business Controls online course is designed to enable you to learn the three levels of control and the interrelationships between each level. You will be able to define the most common types of environmental controlssystem controls, and broad categories of transaction processing controls.


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This course uses self-study, which allows you to learn new subject matter on your own, at your own pace. Find what works for you.

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Business Skills

Understanding the processes required in
building internal control systems will enhance your marketability in today's business environment.

Focus On Methods
And Procedures

You'll be able to define the methods and procedures for building, monitoring, and assessing controls. Skills you can use back on the job!

Here's What You'll Learn

This course will teach the three levels of control and the interrelationships between each level. The levels are “environmental” controls, “system” controls (i.e., called “activity” controls by The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations “COSO”) and “transaction processing” controls. The most common types of environmental controls, system controls, and broad categories of transaction processing controls are defined. The checklists provided can be used in an audit or internal control review process.

Course Objectives:

  • Define the three levels of internal control in understandable terms. 
  • Introduce the processes that should be considered in
    building internal control systems. 
  • Describe the “hierarchy of internal control”
  • Define the methods and procedures for building, monitoring, and assessing control

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